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    why doesn’t anyone talk about the bravest warrior comics

    wallow and plum are canonically queer

    a line in a guest comic (though technically not canon get off my back) implied that beth could be either pan or ace

    danny’s entire developmental arc in issues 5-8 was an allegory for depression


    Aw thanks, we’re super proud of the comic we make! Hopefully more people pick it up at their LCS or buy it online and like it as much as you do!

    ps to my known human followherd

    I have all these comics

    they really good

    get atcha bravest warriors

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    There is seriously no time in your terrifying, short life to put up with people who don’t ‘get’ you.

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    A marvelous piece by an old highschool friend of mine, check it out, buy the book, and also -give PBS a fighting chance.

    by anniemok

    Hey thanks, Kat! I do want to note that I regret some white saviorism I now see from this page of my 2008 Henson mini-bio, in the tone of this depiction of a white man bringing representation to PoC… and perhaps even more so, with generalized PoC characters existing in this narrative to illuminate the contributions of a white person. I touched on that in the afterword in the new edition, but I hadn’t thought to do so online. In the work I’m doing now that’s yet to see light, I’m working on actively including PoC protagonists, especially in my fiction, where I have a lot more leeway than in nonfiction work where I want to focus on a specific person and their life.

    Nowadays I might have thought to include Kevin Clash. Though I’m not an Elmo fan, he’s got a great story. I’d like to see the Being Elmo doc.


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    Farmer’s Dilemma, 2012

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  5. sometimes we all have skirt-face days.

    -have I already told you fools to follow madeleine? y/y?

    she does the best pick up lines.

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  6. jessfink:

    Depression comics! Aaaah.
    Bigger version here:

    I keep believing this will happen someday but it never does. I am 30 years old and I still get waylaid by anxiety and depression.

    What has happened instead is I’ve gotten better at dealing with it. Instead of curling up in a ball and crying in bed all day I cry for maybe and hour and then I try to do SOMETHING even if it’s just the dishes. I have to accept the fact that I’m never going to not be afraid of everything, I am just going to get better at managing my fear and maybe that is what being an adult is.

    amazing in every way.

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    Boring conversations

    here we go.

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    (also, brainstorming)

    pesto pesto pesto = accurate state of my brain

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    almost done reposting all the things, promise (though really, do yourself a favor and follow this lady)

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    Organizational tips

    I kind of actually did this today and also have planned this for the rest of the week?

    oh, life.